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2021 - Terminus: Special International Translation Issue

Terminus Belarus edition cover
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Featuring poems and translations by distinguished poets from Belarus and USA:

Dmitry Strotsev, Valzhyna Mort, Maryja Martysevič, Julia Cimafiejeva, Uladzimir Liankievič,


Vievee Francis, Mario Chard, Hanif Abdurraqib, and Travis Denton.

On the occasion of the Atlanta International Poetry and Translation Festival, featuring poets from Belarus, we present a special issue of Terminus, featuring poems and translations by renowned poets from USA and Belarus. Valzhyna Mort guest edited this special issue.

This issue showcases poetry-in-translation at its finest, and showcases the power and urgency of poetry and language as a way to connect peoples from different languages and cultures. In the words of our Guest Editor, Valzhyna Mort:


Intuitively or by solicitation, a translator might come to a poem seeking an aesthetic encounter, but once at work, the choice of words is not only about dictionaries; it’s a moral choice. A choice to hear a voice, to give refuge to a voice, to take care of it, to honor it, to continue the testimony of this voice in another language. Translation is a conversation. And we have a lot to share with each other.

This powerful new issue of Terminus is available for free online viewing at Read more about this issue on our Terminus home page.

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Past Issues

2020 - Terminus: Special VERSschmuggel/ReVERSible Issue

Featuring poems and translations by Jericho Brown, Ilya Kaminsky, Ulrich Koch, Sandra Meek, Dagmara Kraus, Brenda Shaughnessy, Georg Less, Ronya Othmann, Mario Chard, Anja Kampmann, Linda Gregerson, and Yevgeniy Breyger.

Our latest issue of Terminus, released on 28 October 2020, is a special issue released on the occasion of the Atlanta Poetry Festival and Translation Summit.

Karolina Golimowska, Alexander Gumz, and Thomas Wohlfahrt join our regular editors, Travis Denton and Katie Chaple as guest editors for this issue. Terminus:VERSschmuggel has 189 pages of poems and translations between English and German, displayed in a unique mirror layout that showcases poetry-in-translation at its finest.

This issue, a striking example of how poetry can act as an urgent bridge between poets separated by culture, language, and oceans is available for free online viewing at

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Terminus VERSchmuggel edition cover
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2017 - Terminus 14

Featuring poems by Billy Collins, Vijay Seshadri, Anis Mojgani, Victoria Chang, Aimee Nezhukumatathil, Tyehimba Jess, and others.

Terminus Magazine will soon announce two new prizes in poetry and prose. Stay tuned. More news to come.

Terminus Magazine, and co-editors Travis Denton and Katie Chaple are excited to welcome Elena Karina Byrne as our West Coast/LA Poetry Curator, and Ilya Kaminsky as International Editor.

Terminus Issue 14 Front CoverTerminus Issue 14 Back Cover

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2016 - Terminus 13

Featuring work by

Terminus 13 cover

2015 - Terminus 12

Featuring work by Andrea Cohen, Ellen Bass, Brigitte Byrd, and others

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2014 - Terminus 11

Featuring work by Jericho Brown, Tim Seibles, Nguyen Phan Que Mai, Naomi Shihab Nye, Stuart Dischell, and others

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2013 - Terminus 10

Featuring work by Terrance Hayes, Stephen Dunn, Patricia Smith, Sandra Meek, and others

Two poems from this issue: 'Pan del Muerto' by Kurt Brown, and 'Overturned' by Cornelius Eady were chosen to appear in the Best American Poetry anthology. (news link)

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20xx - Terminus 9

20xx - Terminus 8

2006 - Terminus 6 & 7

Featuring work by Bob Hicok, Beth Gylys, Denise Duhamel, and others

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200x - Terminus 5

200x - Terminus 4

2002 - Terminus 2 & 3

Terminus 2 & 3 cover