2019 McEver Community Poetry Workshops

Poetry @ TECH's free McEver Community Workshops are designed with poets of every skill level in mind, from just beginning to well-established. The workshops are also a great way to meet other poets in your community, and perhaps establish your own writing groups outside the Poetry @ TECH workshop. The 2019 workshops will be on the following Saturdays from 10am-3pm:

March 2, 2019 with Ilya Kaminsky

March 9, 2019 with Travis Denton

To secure your seat in a Spring 2019 Poetry @ TECH McEver Community Workshop, email Travis Denton at travis.denton@lmc.gatech.edu and include 2019 WORKSHOP APPLICATION in the subject line of your email. Be sure to also include in the body of your message your full name, mailing address, phone number, and a ranking in order of the workshop dates you'd like to attend. Please also copy into the body of your email two poems of 40 lines or less that you'd like to workshop.

Contact Travis Denton at travis.denton@lmc.gatech.edu with questions or for more information.


Poetry is the most exact, precise kind of writing there is, and it takes a great deal of attention to get more out of fewer words. The key to writing good poetry is editing and rewriting.

- Thomas Lux