Thomas Lux Poetry Award

      Thomas Lux believed that poems are “made things,” just like bridges, buildings or airplanes—each requires planning, editing, revision and most of all, the capacity on the part of the “maker” to put in the time and hard work that comes with dedication to craft that is required create poems.

      For that reason, the Thomas Lux Poetry Award is meant to acknowledge a Georgia Tech poet who exemplifies that dedication to craft and willingness to put in the hard work required to not only work toward writing well-wrought poems, but who presents an extraordinary interest in studying poetry, its craft and traditions.

      In the spirit of Thomas Lux’s vision for teaching and writing, this award is meant to reward endeavor, not mastery of forms and overall craft. A recipient’s poetry must present an overall clarity, accessibility, and all ambition should be toward the work itself.

      Each semester, one Georgia Tech student is awarded the Thomas Lux Poetry Award. Awardees receive a cash prize of $1000, and recognition at the final poetry reading of each semester.

Thomas Lux
Thomas Lux (1946 - 2017)
(Image (c) Michael Skinner, Technique)


Award Recipients

  • 2017 Spring   -      Molly Ricks
  • 2017 Fall        -      Matthew Dozer
  • 2018 Spring   -      Skanda Prasad
  • 2018 Fall        -      Ted Huddleston
  • 2019 Spring   -      Sarah Oso
  • 2019 Fall        -      Grace Halverson
  • 2020 Spring   -      Haleigh Streak
  • 2020 Fall        -      Jamir Jones
  • 2021 Spring   -      India Godfrey
  • 2021 Fall        -      Cambria Caliendo
  • 2022 Spring  -       Noelle Pickard
  • 2023 Spring -        Victoria Chan