About Poetry @ TECH

Poetry@TECH became a reality in Fall 2002 with the creation of the Margaret T. and Henry C. Bourne, Jr. Chair in Poetry, held initially by nationally-acclaimed poet Thomas Lux, and the H. Bruce McEver Visiting Chair in Writing, which began in Spring 2001.

With visionary gifts to the School of Literature, Media, and Communication, and the Ivan Allen College, Henry C. Bourne, Jr. and H. Bruce McEver ensure that in a highly specialized and technological environment, students' aptitudes in the humanities are nurtured and supported as a foundation for life-long learning.

In addition to poetry classes on campus, current Bourne Chair Ilya Kaminsky will bring the finest names in poetry to Atlanta from within Georgia, all over the United States, and abroad, reaching well beyond the traditional notion of what a poem is and well beyond the expected audience for poetry.

For more information about Poetry@TECH, email Travis Denton travis.denton@lmc.gatech.edu

Thomas Lux, Founding Director

It will always be our goal to bring poetry to as wide an audience as possible, to recognize poetry for its possibilities in all our lives, and to recognize those involved in the craft of writing poetry — poets as well as spoken word performers, whether accomplished, rising, or beginning — for the artists they are.