Travis Wayne Denton

Travis Wayne Denton lives in Atlanta where he is the Associate Director of Poetry @ TECH as well as McEver Chair in Poetry at Georgia Tech. He is also founding editor of the literary arts publication, Terminus Magazine. His poems have appeared in numerous journals, magazines and anthologies, such as Five Points, Ghost Town, MEAD: a magazine of literature and libations, The Atlanta Review, The Greensboro Review, Washington Square, Forklift, Rattle, Birmingham Poetry Review, and the Cortland Review. His second collection of poems, When Pianos Fall from the Sky, was published by Marick Press.

Travis Denton’s Books:

  1. The Burden of Speech (C & R Press, 2009)
  2. When Pianos Fall from the Sky (Marick Press, 2012)
  3. My Stunt Double (C & R Press, 2017)
  4. Aliens, Cyborgs, Zombies and the Ongoing Apocalypse: Sci-Fi Poems for the 20th Century and Beyond (C & R Press, Anthology 2017)