Lyrae van Clief-Stefanon

Lyrae van Clief-Stefanon is the author of ] Open Interval [ (Pittsburgh Press, 2009), a finalist for the National Book Award and the LA Times Book Prize, and Black Swan (Pittsburgh Press, 2001), winner of the Cave Canem Poetry Prize. She has been awarded fellowships from Cave Canem, the Lannan Foundation, and Civitella Ranieri. She is an associate professor in the department of Literatures in English at Cornell University.


C] o [urse Listing: More Than a Notion

What am I asking—: What is this flashing—: hesitation? It appears like the red light near an airport—: at intervals, flash. Flash and then it disappears. A little notion. Now it sits—: a tease. Now hovering, twinkles warning. Notion’s—: little eye for—: hook, a catch to snag. Moves—: this is what I like—: about a cursor. And f*** you f***-a-doodle-do—: yes, I’m a silly thing. Flash—: is not me, not an I :—: I am so sick of—: Aye, aye, captain. The ayes have it and so win—: the vote. Vanity’s little ring of—: light. Slivered above what—: the screen shows. So much time—: with screens, veils. So much—: time collaging impacts. The vehicle is crushed. How to suck out the dent? The bent—: dent—: the thought

] of—: a house and how to—: but build it. [

(from Poetry, November 2022)