McEver Visiting Chairs

The 2017-18 McEver Visiting Chairs in Writing

Travis Wayne Denton

Bruce McEver left Georgia Tech in the 1960's armed with an Industrial Engineering Degree and a love of poetry spawned in a class with then English Professor James Dean Young, who had taught at Tech for 28 years. What Bruce McEver learned about the relationships between the mechanical arts and the fine arts went with him to Harvard and, McEver believes, forms the foundation of his business acumen and success. Aside from being a lover of poetry, Bruce McEver has gone on to publish three chapbooks and two books of poems, including Full Horizon and Scaring up the Morning. His poems have also been widely published in journals and magazines across the country.

Bruce McEver wants all Tech students to experience the broader aspects of liberal arts, including poetry, literature, and travel, so they will understand the context and impact of the technical expertise they are gaining, and he endowed the McEver Chair so that the School of Literature, Media, and Communication of the Ivan Allen College can bring a top writer to campus each year.

In addition to teaching Tech students, the McEver Chair Poet will reach into the community with a program of poetry events and workshops designed to recognize poetry for its possibilities in all our lives and to recognize those involved in the craft of writing poetry--whether accomplished, rising, or beginning--for the artists they are.

Travis Denton


2016-17 McEver Chairs in Community Outreach

Katie Chaple, Theresa Davis, and David Bottoms

For the 2017-18 season of Poetry @ TECH, we are excited to announce our McEver Chairs in Community Outreach. Because we believe that an important part of community building is arts education, the main focus of these new McEver Chairs will be to bring poetry instruction to our area as well as the State of Georgia. To achieve this goal, we've called on acclaimed poet, professor and workshop leader, Katie Chaple to lead a year-long advanced community workshop. Theresa Davis, seasoned educator and spoken word poet, will also be leading an extended workshop at Positive Impact Atlanta - a program that serves the needs of individuals living with HIV/AIDS.

We're proud of this addition to our family of McEver Chairs and are looking forward to the good things they'll be bringing to our community.

If you'd like more information on this program, please email Travis Denton at travis.denton@lmc.gatech. edu.

Katie Chaple
Theresa Davis
David Bottoms