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The Margaret T. and
Henry C. Bourne, Jr.
Chair in Poetry:
Thomas Lux

Henry C. Bourne created the Bourne Chair in Poetry to ensure that Georgia Tech students will always have an opportunity for first-rate instruction in the great poetry of the world. He considers it especially important that, in the highly specialized and technical areas of engineering, science, and management, students' aptitudes for the humanities are nurtured and supported as a foundation for life-long learning.

Nationally-acclaimed poet and poetry teacher, Thomas Lux sees nothing at all antithetical about poetry and poetry-writing classes in a technological environment. The making of art, good art, whether it be poems, paintings, or musical compositions, is a task that requires a kind of engineering, a kind of architecture, and vast technical skills. Good art, historically, is made; it doesn't just happen--it's a result of planning, rigor, attention, intuition, trial and error, discipline, and the luck that sometimes comes when all of the above are applied. We need poetry now more than ever. Poetry, and all of the arts, can help us cope and understand the world around us. The arts allow us, and allow us access to, human expression, a precious and necessary freedom. Poetry, the act of making or reading a poem, is by nature an affirmative act, an act of creation and possibilities.

Thomas Lux can be counted on to use his whole heart and his inexhaustible energy to help Tech students explore and discover the joy and passion, the deep human life force that fills all good art. In addition to his duties on campus, Lux will direct a multi-tiered poetry-writing program in the community.

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